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The models and theories used in the training and workshops of KirchnerCoaching are based on cutting edge theories from contemporary neuroscience, studies on how the brain learns and applying this information to the design of the training and workshops.

The trainings and workshops are highly interactive and experiential for the participants. The participants are strongly encouraged to be very active and contribute as much as possible to the learning and fun of the programs (brain-based learning).


All training and workshops are delivered in brain compatible environments (natural or full spectrum lighting, good air ventilation, plenty of water to drink to keep the brain hydrated, regular breaks, etc.)


Some trainings and workshops held previously:

  • Building the leadership team

  • Coaching skills and coaching culture

  • Mentoring skills for on-boarding senior executives

  • Creative thinking

  • Mindfulness at work

  • Cross cultural alignment


All trainings and workshops are tailor made to meet your team's and organization's needs.

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